MealPrepPro Review

Outside of the Apple App store, I noticed a lack of useful review information about this app. That strikes me as a problem because this app is amazing! MealPrepPro is a meal prep app with a fantastic, delicious library of recipes. Users put together weekly meal plans based on their personal goals. Please note that as far as I know, this app is only available on iOS.

For those who don’t know what meal prep is, let me explain. It is the process of preparing food in bulk one or two days a week, then eating that food all week.

The benefits of this are multitude.
• Save Money
• Save Time
• Eat Delicious Food
• Lose/Gain/Maintain the same weight

When it comes to saving money, spending less on food is one of the easier ways to help you with your spending goals. Eat out less, cook more = money saved. The beauty of MealPrepPro is that it makes your grocery list for you. It takes all the work out of preparing a shopping list. I spend about $50 per week on groceries and I don’t eat out since I make enough food for every day of the week.

I spend about 4 hours each Sunday meal prepping with the help of MealPrepPro. I wouldn’t call those 4 hours a breeze but the rest of the week, I have delicious whole food to eat. No more cooking required. After cooking I separate my meals into glass containers (linked below). Cooking twice per week for 2 hours is also a good option

The app has a plethora of amazing hand-crafted recipes. Creator and chef extraordinaire, Kevin Curry, also has another app called FitMenCook. That app is more of “just” an amazing recipe library. Whereas MealPrepPro tailors each recipes’ calories and macros to your goals.

Protip: macros are what percentage of your daily calories you get from protein, carbs, and fat.

Calories and macros. Do you want to lose weight? Gain muscle? Maintain current weight? Unfortunately, the best way to do any of those is to calculate and track your calories and macros for each day. But then there’s MealPrepPro. Input your goals and it calculates all those things for you. Then all you do is eat what you cooked and not what you didn’t (ice cream in the freezer). The simplicity of this has helped me lose 20 pounds. Now the goal is losing 10 more. Kevin almost makes it too easy.

In conclusion, this is an amazing app that I use every week to help keep me healthy. I recommend it to those who want to lose weight but don’t want to have to count calories. Also to those that want to save time and money! It is available on the app store for $6/month or $48/year ($4/month). For me, it’s been priceless. Below you’ll find some links to some of the things I use for my meal prep! Thanks for reading!

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